“Raise your frequency, allow your consciousness to rise; 
Then take another look and see this world with new eyes.” 

An award-winning author for her afterlife story Unveiled, Dawn James releases her first poetry book, New Eyes: Awakened Poems

From writer, sound healer, and spiritual mentor Dawn James comes a collection of poetry with soul-awakening themes, taking the reader on a journey from seeing the world with physical eyes to another world only seen through spiritual eyes.

New Eyes: Awakened Poems, a companion book to Unveiled: Autobiography of an Awakened One, instills an unwavering sense that we can connect to a deeper source of wisdom and insight, one which will unleash our potential for healing, freedom, and realizing our soul’s purpose.

Listen to a sample poem entitled FREEDOM

Product Details:

ISBN 978-1-7387600-0-8 (AUDIOBOOK)

Duration: 1 hour 20 min

You receive 33 Soul-awakening poems


33 Personal messages and reflections read by Dawn about what inspired her to write each poem and/or the backstory to each poem.

*Only available at https://dawnjames.ca/neweyes

Testimonial From Dr. Ian Prattis, Carleton University

“New Eyes Awakened Poems” by Dawn James sweeps 33 poems for readers climbing into awakened vision. For each poem, she states “Personal Note and Reflections” that stamps her life through “Weeping Willow” that do not break. Brilliant poems are brought through memories to shape Dawn’s words. They range from dark, light, funny, thought-provoking, inspiring and enlightening. Her personal notes growl and sigh for poems to a place in her book. High School with drug dealers and teachers seeking a kiss slam down while she finds booze to release pain.

          Personal “Reflections” continue to bring pungent poems that scream to the reader. I certainly followed her brilliant writing. Her reflections before each poem encourage the reader to collect deeper prose that leaves her bones. From orgasm, car accidents and workaholic living – Dawn James provides a vast set of poems that require the reader to read them over and over again. Her children are described through their last time that only Dawn could write deeply about. Always a deep observer.

          And on it goes. I read her Reflections and Poems several times, knowing I was catching a superb writer! One who could place “I excreted in technicolor ….” As she settled into “Eagle Woman” where fears and doubts melted. Then she felt complete. Enjoy this journey of seeing the world with New Eyes. ~ Dr. Ian Prattis, Carleton University