how to forgive, how to clear karma

Book 3 in the TRILOGY: Raising the Vibration Between Us

 is about improving the quality of the interactions and relationships that you have with others and yourself. It’s about healing past wounds and not attracting new ones. It’s about creating positive change in every aspect of your life, and about living a high vibration life, without stress or strife, and with grace and ease.

“We are in this world, but not of this world. However, while we are here, let us strive to be the best and highest vibrational expression of ourselves that we can be.” ~ Dawn James

In BOOK 1: Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life: A Practical Guide for Attaining Better Health, Vitality and Inner Peace, Dawn teaches you how to positively raise your frequency on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. In BOOK 2: How to Raise the Vibration Around You: Volume I: Dawn demonstrates how to work with the four elements to create healthy and harmonious living spaces, and shows you how to explore the world of vibrational frequency beyond the physical self and discover numerous ways to raise the frequency in your home, at work, and in your general surroundings by working with what she calls the four elemental gifts: air, light, water, and earth which ultimately benefits the planet at large…

Reviewed By: Tracy Young (5 Stars)

Raise the Vibration Between Us: Forgiveness, Karma, and Freedom by Dawn James is a book that will help you take steps on your personal journey to the highest vibrational expression of yourself that you can be. She tells the reader how to empty the cup within that is filled with negativity and connect on a positive note with the world. The relationships we form define us and this book teaches us that by improving them and removing the toxic elements that can sour personal relationships, we can help detoxify the planet. She talks about forgiveness and Karma in a manner that can be understood simply. Too often we use crutches to mask our pain when we have the tools within us to heal naturally. Ms. James shares personal experiences and deeply personal facts to share her journey and spiritual awakening with the reader, and encourages them to learn from these.

I enjoyed this book and found it informative and refreshing. Dawn James shares her story with a passion that jumps from the page. Raising the Vibration Between Us encourages the reader to let go of negative energy and embrace a better quality of life. Karmic patterns are explained and how the connection between vibrations and consciousness can help form a healthier frame of mind. Pertinent questions about self-visualization help the reader to look at their own behavior and explore the possibility of self-improvement. Understanding that we all have choices and resisting the temptation to run with the pack is a mantra that can often be overlooked, but this book shows us how to take our own path. If you have even the slightest interest in self-improvement, then this book is for you; well written and compelling.

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo (5 Stars)

Raise the Vibration Between Us: Forgiveness, Karma, and Freedom by Dawn James is a book that contains the wisdom we need to immerse ourselves deeper and deeper into life and to create deep and meaningful connections with others. Author Dawn James develops a new way of looking at relationships by helping readers understand the spiritual part of their being. She starts with her awakening, of when she awoke to the realization that she is part of an infinite consciousness, and moves on to illustrate how we can raise our levels of vibrations and connect more powerfully with others, articulating key themes like the importance of forgiveness, the place of karma, and what it really means to pay it forward.

The temptation that most authors fall into is that of dishing out advice to readers, like listing things they must do to get certain results, but that isn’t the case with Dawn James. Her writing is simple and easy to understand. The message is delivered in an engaging style that combines storytelling with effective communication to invite readers into dialogue with themselves and the world around them. The writing is insightful and I enjoyed when the author uses her personal experiences to drive home her message. The part that resonated most with me is when the author writes about forgiveness. As I read about her experience of how long it took to forgive someone who tried to kill her when she was six months pregnant, I couldn’t help but agree that forgiveness is the gift of freedom we offer ourselves much more than we offer those who hurt us. Raise the Vibration Between Us: Forgiveness, Karma, and Freedom is a book about inner freedom, about the secrets of creating wonderful relationships with those around us. Beautifully written and filled with wisdom and insight.

Reviewed By: Amy Raines (5 Stars)

Raise The Vibration Between Us: Forgiveness, Karma, And Freedom by Dawn James will help a person set better standards and goals in their life. Understanding how events and experiences can impact daily life and learning to forgive can bring clarity and allow a person to live in a higher state of being and potential. Dawn James shares the drastic differences between living a life of hate, anger and resentment and learning to live a life of peace and happiness by letting go of the negative influences through positive outlets. Karma plays a key role in our state of mind and, when utilized, Karma is the only tool to clear out the negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Changing the state of mind and energy will ultimately change how we see the world and how we react to any given situation.

Raise The Vibration Between Us: Forgiveness, Karma, And Freedom by Dawn James is a very well developed, motivational self-help guide that anyone can learn from. I love how James relates personal experiences of her own to help clarify her points. I recommend Raise The Vibrations Between Us because the ‘lead by example’ approach the author takes will inspire others to rethink their reactions to hurtful and negative situations and turn them into positive influences and change their outlook on life. Raise The Vibration Between Us could easily be used in support groups and therapy sessions as a personal guide for victims of abuse and people who suffer from depression.