From Crisis to Courage to Co-Creator


A spiritual crisis led me to begin journaling in 2003- I was searching for answers as my life suddenly turned upside down and inside out in 24 hours. My journal became my best friend, my confidante, and in time my personal swami as I discovered the answers are all within.

The Journey of Becoming Unveiled: A Bumpy Road 


Seven years of journaling gave me the courage to start writing books along with some inspiring words from (the late) Sylvia Browne.

Dawn James writer her inspiration Sylvia Browne

In 2010, my first book was born, Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life. Several books have followed relating to living consciously and harmoniously with each other and the planet. Finally, in 2021, I found the courage to write my spiritual life story Unveiled

2022 Readers’ Favorite Award’s Silver Medal winner in spirituality goes to Unveiled by Dawn James.

“This profoundly inspiring and eye-opening memoir will inspire readers to transform from living a limited physical life to experiencing it on a deeper, richer level as a spiritual being.”– Readers’ Favorite 

Dawn James, international award-winning author, shares her incredible life and spiritual journey and the strengthening of her connection to a higher power, which was partly inspired by the health challenges she endured as a child.

Dawn experienced being blind, deaf, and mute before the age of ten. In her teens, she faced the fight of her life  which left her paralyzed from the waist down.

How much more could she endure?

Two decades would pass before her world would begin to unravel again. An unexplainable loss of appetite was swiftly followed by a heart-stopping event – her biggest challenge yet – death!

An Awakened One explores what each pivotal – and sometimes traumatic – life experience revealed and how her world was redefined with each unveiling. Unveiled is available here.

See Dawn James book collection here

Reflecting on this journey, every step I took was/is about self-discovery. As we weave through the seasons of life, we realize new things, learn, and grow.


In recent years, Spirit guided me to teach in a deeper and more personal way, beyond writing books. So, I looked within and found my soul-healing place in Costa Rica—it was love at first sight! After exploring and enjoying the sights, sounds, tastes, and natural beauty of Costa Rica, I created Soulful Healing Retreats. Now others can come and discover the magic I felt on my first visit. 

I am a teacher at heart, and today I enjoy teaching others how to live in alignment through journaling, find their voice and share their story through book writing, and reignite the playfulness and curiosity of their inner child while they explore magical Costa Rica with yours truly.