How the Vibration of Your Thoughts Affect Your Health

conscious living, conscious thinking, conscious speakingYour body is physiologically tied to your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. To be healthy, you have to recognize the connection that exists between your mind, body, and spirit.

In other words, your thoughts influence your physical body as well as your mental disposition and the quality of your life experiences. If you want to change your life experiences, then you need to pay attention to the kinds of thoughts you are creating. Positive thinking is the first step in raising your personal vibration.

Scientific studies, and now scientific instruments are being used to measure the effect of positive and negative thinking with respect to disease. Negative thoughts have just as much power as positive ones. They slowly chip away at you resulting in poor self-esteem, depression and even illness.

How can one person succumb to a particular circumstance while another person can thrive in the same situation? It simply boils down to mental attitude.

When you choose a thought, your brain cells are affected. These cells vibrate and send off electromagnetic waves. The more you concentrate on those thoughts, the greater the amplitude of vibration of those cells, and the electric waves, in turn, become stronger.

Raise Your Vibration with Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can raise your vibration up to 10 hertz (Hz), whereas negative thinking can lower your vibration by as much as 15 Hz. These measurements come from Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology in Cheney, Washington. His company developed new equipment to measure the biofrequency of humans and foods.

The number one way to start feeling better is to start thinking positively. Strive to maintain the positive attitude that you will be triumphant, no matter what the circumstances.

To develop a strong positive mindset, first begin by observing your thoughts. Detach from them and pay attention when a negative thought enters your consciousness. When you recognize negative thoughts, immediately replace them with a positive thought.

For example, if you are driving on the highway and traffic is moving slowly and you find you are dwelling on thoughts such as “I am going to be late”— the negative thought of a hopeless victim—instead, replace that thought with, “I will arrive exactly when I am supposed to arrive,” which is a positive thought that reflects your inner knowing and confident self.

We Receive  What We Expect

There is a saying, “You get what you expect.” In other words, if you think you are going to fail at something, most likely you will fail. Why? Because your energy follows your thoughts and you begin to create or manifest what you believe and expect.

Remember, your thoughts originate from your electric waves and these waves exist of your own free will – you are responsible for putting your whole being into a particular vibration, positively or negatively.

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