What is Life?


Is life simply a series of random events or could our steps be Divinely guided onto a path explicitly designed for us?
We all face our share of challenges in life, some harsher than others but, like the sun, we rise.

So, what is the purpose behind our struggles?

I have had many UNVEILINGS in my life – some pushed me to the edge of despair, some brought me new gifts, some were WTF moments that almost broke me. But deep in my soul I knew each pivotal moment was bringing me a new awareness, a new lesson.

Spiritual evolution is real (I know first-hand) and I believe states such as Kundalini, Samadhi and Merkabah are all attainable.

This story, UNVEILED, is to help you realize that you are not alone on this sometimes, turbulent journey and that there is a true purpose for all of it. There is a reason you feel the way you do, and I say embrace it, honour it, as it brings you wisdom, love and courage beyond your imagination.

By sharing my story, UNVEILED, I hope to offer you hope and courage, as well as inspiration for what can be in your life.

UNVEILED is not about me, it is about US remembering all aspects of ourselves, physically and spiritually, and remembering that our Life Walk is Divinely guided.

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