Raise The Vibration Between Us

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Raise The Vibration Between Us


Book Helps Readers Clear Karma, Attain Personal Freedom


Raise the Vibration Between Us: Forgiveness, Karma, and Freedom

Book Helps Readers Clear Karma, Attain Personal Freedom

How to Clear Karma

Mirroring the style of Gary Zukav’s The Seat of the Soul, this conversational literary masterpiece serves as a pathway to peace and personal liberty. Pulling back the years of shame and resentment, generational strongholds and family secrets, author and conscious living teacher Dawn James seeks to break the patterns of drama and emotional pain that keep far too many people stuck in unhealthy cycles.

How to Forgive Completely

What should have been a time of celebration and joy turned into a time of turmoil and fear for James. After surviving an attempted murder-suicide when she was six months pregnant, it took her 16 years to finally realize that she hadn’t forgiven the person who tried to end her (and her unborn child’s) life. Choosing to use her pain as a pillar for a greater purpose, not only did she experience a “spiritual awakening”—making the conscious choice to forgive her offenders—but she made it her life’s mission to teach others how to do the same.

Five Star Review

★★★★★Romuald Dzemo says

Author Dawn James develops a new way of looking at relationships by helping readers understand the spiritual part of their being.

The message is delivered in an engaging style that combines storytelling with effective communication to invite readers into dialogue with themselves and the world around them. The writing is insightful and I enjoyed when the author uses her personal experiences to drive home her message. The part that resonated most with me is when the author writes about forgiveness. As I read about her experience of how long it took to forgive someone who tried to kill her when she was six months pregnant, I couldn’t help but agree that forgiveness is the gift of freedom we offer ourselves much more than we offer those who hurt us. ….. Beautifully written and filled with wisdom and insight.

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