Erika Belanger interviews Dawn James

Message from Erika, On and Off the Yoga Mat Podcast:

How do you feel today? If you answer that you feel anxious, hurt, depressed, frustrated, and so on, then you probably have some spiritual disconnect. The more joyful, and satisfied we feel, the more aware we usually are of our deep connection to Spirit.

For today’s episode, I sat down with Dawn James. Dawn is a Conscious Living teacher, Soulful Living Coach, Award-winning Author, and the founder of Publish and Promote, an organization mentoring new and aspiring authors to share their stories and find their audience.

After experiencing a spiritual awakening, she dedicated her life to providing education, inspiration, and support related to understanding and enhancing vibrational frequency for overall health and well-being while living in alignment: mind, body, heart, soul & spirit. Today we sat down to talk about how to discover and connect to our spiritual self.



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