Vibrational Frequency and Health Connection

vibrational frequency, spiritual awakening, OBE, NDEHave you ever wondered why it feels like there are times when you attract positive experiences versus negative ones and how these experiences impact your health? Scientists and philosophers theorize that changes in attraction positively or adversely affect health and are directly related to our personal vibration or vibrational frequency.

What is Vibrational Frequency?

Vibrational frequency is the constant rate of electrical flow that is measurable between two points. Quantum physics mandates that we are bioelectric beings with electric currents flowing through our cells, nerves, and muscles.

Additionally, Ancient teachings primarily from Eastern cultures, tell us that we all have the ability to increase the rate of electric flow within our body and energy systems and that there is a direct correlation between raising our vibratory rate and our ability to repel disease, increase vitality and raise consciousness.

An energy field that vibrates at a high level of frequency draws positive, healthy, happy experiences, whereas energy that is low in vibration draws experiences that we consider negative or unhealthy. Hence, there is a direct correlation between raising your vibration and improving health and preventing disease.

Identifying Vibrational Frequency Suppressors

In North American society, the two major factors that suppress our ability to raise our vibratory rates to optimal levels are stress and toxicity.

Stress takes various forms – emotional, physical, mental, financial and environmental.

Toxins in the foods we consume and the environment are also contributing factors to poor health, unbalanced energy systems, suppressed immune system and suppression of personal vibration levels.

How can we ease stress & toxicity with Vibrational Mechanics?

To counteract various stresses and reestablish the prime resonant frequency of our cells, organs and physical body as a whole, we need to apply the four Laws of Vibrational Mechanics.

The first law states that a lower vibrational frequency must yield to a higher vibrational frequency. For example, when our energy flow is impeded by stress or toxins, our vibrational frequency begins to slow down and this causes energy loss and reduces our ability to access Universal life force, or prana.

As our energy becomes stagnant, our health diminishes. Prolonged states of low vibrational frequency cause our cells to mutate and organs to degenerate, ultimately resulting in disease. By applying a higher vibrational frequency to a lower vibration, the lower vibration will naturally try to resonate the higher frequencies – and it is in the process of resonation that energy flow is restored, stresses are released and health improves.

Accept an Invitation to Attain Better Health and Vitality

I invite you to explore how you can learn to raise your personal vibration through techniques and exercises outlined in my book Raise Your Vibration Transform Your Life: A Practical Guide to Attaining Better Health, Vitality and Inner Peace.

Filled with over 20 chapters of clinical and personal experiences, you will gain easy and practical guidance that will help you raise your personal frequency to attain vibrant health.

Increased personal frequency is the answer to combating stress and toxicity.

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