Unveiled Virtual Book Launch (replay)

March 20, 2021 Conscious Living Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Sound Healer, Dawn James launches her long-awaited spiritual journey Unveiled: Autobiography of an Awakened One. Here is the replay of her book launch party and celebration!

Conscious Living Teacher, Best-Selling Author, Spiritual Mentor, Dawn James tell-all autobiography of her experience with physical adversities and spiritual phenomenon and how she found a way of using them to unveil her connection to Spirit and a higher and deeper understanding of her life journey.

UNVEILED will inspire readers to gain a new attitude about their lives, transform the way they perceive and experience life’s challenges and the world.

Reading her story is magical, inspiring …..Dawn has done her inner work both in this lifetime and previous ones.  I say that because her innate ability to navigate through and use these difficult and sometimes traumatic situations could leave others feeling broken and bewildered.  Yet it is remarkable that she came out the other side, shining.  Dawn’s bliss is in teaching others and in following her path.  Her life has become a lesson on how to gracefully navigate the call to Spirit even when it calls in the loss of our very senses or our life!

Michael Moon)O(

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