The Vibration of Detoxification Part 3

What Your pH Says About Your Health

Another symptom of toxicity is an unbalanced pH level. Acidity and alkalinity are measured according to the pH (potential of hydrogen) scale. Water, with a pH of 7.0, is considered neutral—neither acid nor alkaline. Any substance with a pH below 7.0 is considered acid, becoming more acid as it approaches 1. Any substance with a pH above 7.0 is considered alkaline, becoming more alkaline up to a limit of 14.0.

The ideal pH for the human body will vary from individual to individual and compensate for a variety of factors, including blood type, basic personality, energy blocks, education, culture, and food.

The manner in which people interact with their environment and themselves will influence their pH level. As the above factors change, through building, release, action, frequency, and modification, so will the acid-alkaline balance of their body change. In general, if your body’s pH level falls below 7 this signals that your body is becoming acidic.

You can measure your pH level through either your saliva or urine using pH Hydrion test paper, which you can get at your local pharmacy.

When a liquid comes in contact with this pH test paper, it turns a color that corresponds to a chart that comes with the test paper. The chart ranges from blue to yellow, with blue indicating alkaline and yellow indicating acid.

You can also change your pH by changing the types of food you eat. For instance, if your pH level is acidic, then you can select and eat foods that are more alkaline in order to regain pH balance. Similarly, if your pH level is alkaline, then select and eat foods that are more acidic to regain pH balance

In addition to using detox products and eating certain foods, there are some holistic ways to remove toxins from your body and restore pH levels to a balanced and healthy state.



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