The Vibration of Detoxification Part 2

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Studies show that chemical pollutants such as pesticides, DDT, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and food additives accumulate in the body. As more people become aware of environmental pollution, many are turning to detoxification treatments to counteract the detrimental effects of toxins in the environment.

Over-the-counter and prescriptions drugs, as well as recreational drugs and alcohol, are also toxic to the body. The toxins in our food destroy not only antioxidants and cells but also life force energy (prana). What can we do to preserve our health with detoxification?

A Sequential Way to Detoxify Your Body

Is there a logical order in which to detox the body? Yes, there is. If you detox the blood with a clogged liver, where do the toxins go? You must detoxify the liver before you detoxify the blood (and cells throughout the body). Next, if you detoxify the liver, but forget about your toxic colon, it will just get clogged again.

Because of our North American diet, our colons are, for the most part, stuffed with toxins that are straining our immune systems. Therefore, first, you must detoxify the colon (and work on the kidneys at the same time), then the liver, and then the rest of the body and blood. This is the most intelligent order to follow.

Do You C.A.R.E. about detoxification?

Edgar Cayce developed an acronym to explain his plan to live a healthy life: CARE—circulation, assimilation, relaxation, elimination.

Two of these, assimilation and elimination, have to do with your digestive system. With a blood and liver detox, circulation improves, enhancing the pathways for transmitting hormonal messages and communication between the various organs of the immune system. Poor circulation restricts the flow of enzymes that can devour cancer cells.

Relaxation also involves exercise. Exercise and relaxation improve the flow of all systems and improve liver function.




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