It’s Uncomplicated Part 3

zero waste, minimal lifestyleHow to Uncomplicate Your Mind and BE present

With an increase of constant interruptions from social media and technology, learn how being present can improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Advances in technology, namely smartphones and other gadgets are supposed to give us more time; social media is supposed to bring us closer together. Yet findings indicate that we are more stressed with social anxiety, depression, and more pressed for time. We need a break.

In this age of increased technology consumption, constant interruptions, and attention-pulling tweets, likes, and watch parties, how can we possibly take a break to be more present?

The key to decreasing our technology and social media interruption is to take some downtime; we must carve out time and space to decompress. The trick to ensuring that our efforts become a habit is to create routines that aren’t daunting and complicated. One of the best ways to uncomplicate your downtime is to take a digital detox.

So that you won’t feel completely disconnected, take a digital detox in small doses. Start with leaving your phone in the car when running errands (i.e. dentist, grocery shopping, hairdresser, banking, etc). Another option is to leave your phone in your purse or briefcase during lunch – mealtimes are a great opportunity to practice gratitude for your food and time with friends. Practice active listening; show that you care and want to engage.

Consider turning off your phone during family time to fully appreciate them and be present. Your children can learn by example. When they see that you can disconnect they will be more likely to have a greater appreciation for the time you spend together without distractions.

Also, disengaging from social media before bed is a great self-care ME time routine. Try this, turn off ALL devices at 7 pm or at the very least, turn off all sound notifications and allow calls to go to voicemail. When you allow your mind to decompress you will make room for relaxed sleep and restoration.

Being present can do wonders for your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Choosing to disconnect from technology and social media allows for insightful introspection, self-discovery, personal empowerment, and spiritual growth. Remember, technology and social media are tools you use on your terms not the other way around. Actively choose to uncomplicate your mind and BE present.

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