8 Reasons To Try SunGazing!

benefits of sun gazing, HRM, sun energyThe practice of sungazing has existed as long as humans have occupied planet Earth.

In 1992 Hira Ratan Manek (HRM)- from India, started to share the benefits of sungazing with the western world.

Between 1962 and 1992 HRM studied the ancient practice of sungazing – and rediscovered that we can activate parts of the brain that are currently dormant. He also discovered that we can awaken inherent gifts and powers within ourselves to higher levels – in essence raising our frequency- and ability to co-create/manifest.

Sun energy is a power source that activates the brain through the eyes—the eyes act as a doorway.

Sun Gazing Myth #1

Staring at the sun can damage our eyes

Reality: safe sungazing does not harm the eyes – it makes eyes healthier.

Sungazing practices of the Mayans, Egyptians and Incan priests/priestesses, Native Americans and monks  serve to remind us of this truth

Sun Gazing Tip #1

The safest time to sun gaze – the first hour of sunrise, within one hour of sunset.

Sun gazing is a one time practice that is typically done over a 9  months period in 3 phases (depending on the climate in your area)

8 Reasons To Try Sun Gazing!

  1. Activates areas of the brain that are currently dormant via the hypothalamus
  2. We receive vitamins A and D during the first hour of sunrise
  3. Brings balance to the mind; encourages a positive mindset
  4. Increases confidence
  5. You develop powers that are already inherent within you
  6. Problem-solving becomes easier – with increased  brain function, comprehension, and heightened intuition
  7. Strengthen the hypothalamus tract – which acts as a critical link between the nervous system and the endocrine system via the pituitary gland
  8. Decreased appetite for traditional food, coupled with increasing energy levels

Want to learn how to safely begin a SUN GAZING practice?

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